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We have a wonderful children's program for ages 6-12 which will focus on building your child's confidence & self-esteem while teaching him/her practical self-defense as well as how to make streetwise decisions.

Our Program will teach your child


How to have the confidence to say "No" to peer pressure.


How to resolve conflicts without fighting.


How to set goals and achieve them.


How to focus their efforts and positively direct their excess energy.


How to be courteous, respectful and self-disciplined.


That he or she has value as a person and has purpose in life.   

But why should you choose us?


Because of our Non-violent approach.


Because our students are four times less likely to be involved in violent activity than other kids.


Because of our family environment.


Because of our concern for safety; your child is twice as likely to get injured playing soccer.


Because of our open-viewing policy.


Because countless local teachers physicians and counselors recommend our program.