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Leadership Team Requirements

Leadership Members are those students who stand out in eleven crucial areas (see the document below for specifics).
These individuals are self-motivated, full of joy and they carry themselves with confidence.  They demonstrate maturity and they endeer themselves to others.  They are mature and are not interested in drawing attention to themselves.  They put the needs of others above their own needs.  They speak well with others and are very respectful; they initiate conversations and greetings with others (including Master Prinkey).   They are not moody, impatient or short-tempered. Those interested in leadership should rate themselves according to eleven categories provided within the document below. 
Please keep in mind that there are many students who rate well in many of these categories; however, we can only choose a few of the most qualified individuals. The minimum rank for leadership is red belt and the minimum age is eleven. 

Leadership Prerequisites for Warm-ups
Leadership Requirements