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Are you looking for a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) program?
You should first ask yourself, “Why?”
If you are interested in actually fighting in the cage or ring there are other programs available in the area which focus on this type of training.
If you’re intrigued by the blending of styles such as striking arts and grappling arts and you would like to learn the moves you see in MMA fights but don’t care to jump into the cage, then we teach exactly what you’re looking for:

Not as a separate program, it IS our program.
We referred to our program as a “Mixed Martial Arts Program” long before the term became synonymous with cage fighting. We’ve always taught a “Blended System”, that is, we teach a comprehensive self-defense and fitness program: Taekwondo for standing defense (kicking, punching, blocking), Sombo/jiu-jitsu/judo for ground defense, and Hapkido for escapes from grabs, holds, chokes, etc.  This makes for a well-rounded, blended style.  Our classes will also give you a full-body workout: cardio, strength, flexibility and coordination.  We do all of this in a very positive, family-friendly environment.