Champion Martial Arts

Champion Martial Arts

Champion Martial Arts


We offer  a variety of fitness classes at Champion -

something for everybody, regardless of your current fitness level.

We provide a CLEAN, matted workout floor within a safe, friendly environment. 

"They've helped me become  stronger, more flexible and  build a  ton more power in my core"

"I play ALOT of golf. I'm a decent player and I hit the ball pretty long. A few weeks ago I was a playing in a tournament and something really strange happened. I was hitting the ball further down the fairway off the tee (10-15 yards) and often times, over the greens with my approach shot. I couldn't figure out why and then it hit me! I've been attending Monday morning Pilates with Carla and Wednesday evening PIYO with Robbie for the past 4 weeks. This is the only change in my normal routine. They've helped me become stronger, more flexible and build a ton more power in my core. Sure, I can see a difference in how I look but it sure is great to see a difference in my sport. Thank you to Champion Martial Arts and especially Carla and Robbie! I look forward to more surprises" - Julie Nathanson


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