Isn't it STRANGE how a "sheltered" homeschooler can come out of his "shell" long enough to break a stack of lumber?

Isn't it STRANGE that out of the 344 students Champion has promoted to black belt since 1995, 37% of the kids promoted have been homeschoolers?

Isn't it STRANGE how many of our

homeschool students have become some of our top instructors, and have subsequently gone on to pursue successful careers?

Isn't it STRANGE that our

homeschool students have not only acheived advanced levels of black belt but have gone on to pursue further education at some of our nation's top colleges?

Champion Martial Arts has become unique in St. Charles County by demonstrating that our program can have an incredibly positive impact on the lives of students while abstaining from any teachings that would conflict with your traditional family values.  We don't teach kids to fight; we build their confidence and self-esteem and reinforce the parental lessons of courtesy, honor and respect.  Our kids don't ever feel the need to fight, but if someone ever boxes them in, with no other way out, they WILL BE prepared.  We started offering daytime classes for home-schooled kids in March of 2003 and the program has since grown in leaps and bounds.  Our homeschool classes are for ages 6-12 and are offered M, W and F 2:15-3:15pm.

We would like you to see for yourself what our program can do for your child so we'd like to share THIS SPECIAL OFFER WITH YOU.