Stranger Danger


For Immediate Release:

Local Martial Arts School offers free Stranger Danger booklets
to benefit local area residents.


With the recent increase in child abductions and assaults, it only makes sense to do everything you possibly can to ensure that your child does not become the next "statistic".  Champion Martial Arts in Cottleville, Missouri is at the forefront of this public awareness issue.  Master Tim Prinkey, Champion's owner and Chief Instructor says that he feels a moral obligation to use his experience and knowlegde of safety and awareness issues to help equip our kids to "play safe and stay safe in today's world."  He says that Stranger Danger teaches kids how to be "on guard" against the various tricks that abductors will use to lure them from safety.  Prinkey says that the free booklet his studio is offering to the public teaches kids how to be streetwise and to make smart decisions regarding places that they play and the people that they play with.  They are taught who they should and shouldn't trust as well as what to be aware of when playing away from home.  Kids are also taught useful information such as how to dial 9-1-1, what to do if home alone and what to do if separated from their parent or caregiver.  Mr. Prinkey says that he has done extensive research on this topic to ensure that the information he teaches corresponds with FBI and police department safety recommendations.

As a public service, Champion Martial Arts is currently offering a free Stranger Danger Parent/Child Handbook to any parent who drops by their studio; no strings attached.       



For more information on the Stranger Danger booklet or Champion Martial Arts, contact Master Prinkey at 636-939-1000.  You can get directions to his studio via his website:


You can also download the booklet HERE


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